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THE WEEK IN PICTURES If Instagram is to be believed, plenty of people are taking advantage of the #Delta Dating Wall: Delta says that each mural, too, was designed by New York Times illustrator Andrew Rae.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS The airline has also placed another large mural — the second in its Painted Wall Series — a few blocks away at the site of Brooklyn’s weekly Smorgasburg food festival.Show some courage and describe yourself using words that apply to you, and only you. Nothing makes a reader glaze over like this phrase: “I’m very humorous and I love to laugh and make jokes.” Or this one: “I have strong communication and skills and can writing well.” Funny people say funny things. Retail experts have passion for retail that shows through in everything they do.Great communicators write in a clever way that makes their readers feel inspired to act. If you love what you’re doing at any given moment, this will show through in how well you do it.According to the researchers, the most successful online dating profiles have a ratio — 70 percent describing yourself, and 30 percent describing what you’re looking for. Even something simple like “Looking for someone who loves pizza and puppies.” will do.It gives a prospective partner something to identify with.The Atlanta-based airline has recently teamed up with Tinder to transform the exterior of Brooklyn building into a “dating wall” covered in worldly murals depicting nine different Delta destinations.According to a press release, the idea is for Brooklynites to snap photos near the murals, upload them to their dating profiles, and trick unsuspecting Tinder dates into thinking they’re more well-traveled than they actually are.

While you’re online dating profile should be mostly about you, research suggests that you should also be open about what you’re looking for in a partner.) [DO say]: If you’d like to convey that you are “kind,” tell a story about how you once waited for three hours for the animal shelter to open so you can send in a stray dog you found on your morning run at the local park.Or, if you’d like to convey that you are “artsy,” tell a story about how you built a cardboard house for your nephew’s birthday party that made him so happy that he cried…FAMILY SUES DELTA OVER SMACKING PHONE FROM KID'S HAND “Until you take the trip, we’ll help you fake the trip with these backdrops,” the mural reads in large black letters.In fairness, the murals themselves aren’t lifelike enough to completely fool Tinder users — each has been painted directly onto a brick building, and it shows — but Delta is hoping it’s enough to convince a potential date that travel is a huge hobby.

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