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Email me yours at Anon: Let me preface this story by saying that this kid is now my downstairs neighbor and we still see each other out at social gatherings (our college is really small), and its now super awkward when we run into each other.

I left and had to see him at the pool for the rest of the summer. The next day, I had to go to the pharmacy with my older brother to buy Plan B because I wasn’t eighteen. While I was holding the Plan B, we ran into my freshman social studies teacher.He's pretty aggressive, like lip biting, hair pulling, kinda rough sex (which I like) but then directly in the middle of it, he starts sucking on my big toe. I told him it was "That time of the month" yet he continued to make out with me. I had just started hooking up with this bro, and after many shots of cheap vodka, my judgment was fairly impaired.Like it was in his mouth, he had his eyes closed and everything. A minute or two goes by and he rips off my underwear, takes my tampon string and pulls it out of me and across the room. I figured "" After we finished I go to the bathroom and there’s some blood on me and he comes in and theres blood on him (I mean what'd you expect? Ohhhh but how I fucking woke up was this dude was sticking his finger in my asshole! Long story short, we had sex for the first time in her aunt and uncle’s bed (so so weird I know) and the condom broke.Clinical psychologist Gemma Cribb also gives her professional advice. CONTENT WARNING: This episode does discuss rape and sexual assault.Fantasies come in a range of forms, but what's it like having a fantasy about something that's not only illegal, but horrible to think about.

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