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The unobtrusive appearance of the chapel aptly reflects the Sacrament Meeting’s tone—quiet, dignified, and above all, humble.

Mormons at the College consider this building a sort of haven, a space that fosters a student-based community and provides a restful atmosphere that departs from the bustle of their everyday lives at the college.

The chapel walls are white and unadorned, disrupted only by large glass windows that allow soft, yellow sunlight to fill the room.A Bannock County Sheriff's deputy was the first responder at the scene.A sister and brother were killed in a triple fatal head-on collision so gruesome that an emergency responder nearly died when he suffered a massive heart attack at the catastrophic accident site.State police said they have a good idea of what caused the wreck but they're not going to release that information until completing their investigation.All four of the accident victims were trapped in their vehicles, both of which suffered catastrophic front-end damage.

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  1. At the church in the Washington area where he had grown up, Hunt worried that the leaders lectured about good behavior but didn’t act as they preached. One day, a member preaching about toxic habits addressed his sermon to one young woman, causing her to burst into tears in embarrassment. He tries to keep his services low on jargon and ritual, opting instead for simple songs and a sermon in the sunny, wood-floored multipurpose room of a larger church in Boston’s unpretentious Allston neighborhood.

  2. That is to be expected since Ron never had a steady date. We'll also see more of Ron's home life this season, as his only child status comes to an abrupt end." I never would have seen this coming, the Tweebs (sp? No idea who this new person could be but just thinking about the 'dramatic choice Kim will have to make makes me anxious / nervous.