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1.3 If to Baroque minds invertible counterpoint and canon exemplified some of the most arcane expressions of musical science, then for composers of fugue these procedures also provided indispensable tools.

Ingenious in their own right, Werckmeister’s teachings on contrapuntal improvisation also shed light on the organ works of his friend Dieterich Buxtehude, who contributed to the treatise two poems honoring Werckmeister. Their improvisations have long since echoed into silence, but they are not all that has faded with time: so too have many of the musical techniques and strategies with which these artists approached their art.

For modern performers recovering the lost art of contrapuntal improvisation, Werckmeister’s treatise furnishes an invaluable guide. Fortunately, important clues about improvisational practices survive in composers’ written music, eye-witness accounts, the instruments they played, and contemporaneous music theory treatises.

In many of his works in improvisatory genres, including his and chorale-based compositions, Buxtehude employs the very techniques described by his friend Werckmeister.

At issue is not any question of influence: notwithstanding Werckmeister’s avowals of originality, it seems more likely it was he, an innovative theorist but mediocre composer, who learned from the Lübeck master than in 1702, the sexagenarian Buxtehude had already composed most of his organ works.

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